Sinta is a group of collaborations created in 2010 by Michelle Baltazar and Michael Moraleda, who are the founding directors of Sinta Group, in Sydney. Its slogan is “Sharing our love of the Filipino Arts”. This collective of Filipino-Australians has a vision to broaden national awareness of Filipino arts and culture in Australia. Its mission is to support at least one major event in Australia, each year, showcasing Filipino art to the local community. Sinta’s goal is to make people discover this Filipino community and its art. This collaboration by the Filipinos wants to promote and create awareness of the culture, expose the skills and talents of the artists. So the group has to find resources to support, and sponsors for the different events.

This year, Sinta is promoting the exhibition Balik Bayan, which is an event presented by Blacktown Art Center from the 7th September to the 2nd November 2017. The gallery will propose a vibrant program of performances by different artists, in order to celebrate and uncover contemporary Philippine arts and culture. Then, this multi-art form and community celebration project will transform the Blacktown Art Centre into a gathering space of intersecting contemporary art forms : video, installation, painting, performance, film, community activations and events, featuring local and international artists with Filipino ancestry.